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The Grind Fitness and Sports Performance is a training facility that opened in December of 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Grind’s mission is to help everyone reach their athletic and/or fitness goals using a holistic approach to training. We train athletes and individuals of all ages and skill levels using the latest strength and conditioning principles backed by science. The Grind sets itself apart from other gyms and training facilities because of the environment that we create. Our trainers are extremely focused on you as an individual and will do anything within their power to help you achieve your goals. Our clients walk in the door ready to be challenged every single day and they leave with the satisfaction of knowing that they are one step closer to becoming the best version of themselves. With over 25 years of combined experience in fitness, sports performance, and sports medicine, we have the solutions to your fitness needs!




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Michele Rava

Michele is a Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor here at The Grind. She is originally from New York.

Michele has past experiences as a group fitness instructor at a college as well as experience in creating fitness and health plans for various athletes. She is also a certified Athletic Trainer at a local college where she is in charge of the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. With this background, Michele’s main focus as a Personal trainer is making sure all form is correct, so the right muscles are worked, preventing as many injuries as possible.

Michele holds degrees in Athletic Training from Marywood University in Scranton, PA and School Counseling from Manhattan College in New York. She has her N.A.S.M certification of personal training and is looking forward to continue her certifications in more specific areas of fitness.

Dean Bryan

Dean Bryan is a certified athletic trainer, licensed in MO and IL, USAWL1 Coach, Certified Weight Management Assessor, and Level 2 Immediate Care in Rugby. He has over 15 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach as well as an athletic trainer. His combined knowledge of strength and conditioning along with sports medicine allows him to have a wholistic approach to athletic performance enhancement.

With his undergraduate research in Influence of Integrated Strength Training on Posture, Biomechanics, and Athletic Performance and graduate research in ACL Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement in Female Collegiate Athletes he became enamored with the correlation between injury prevention and improved performance in athletes.

Chico Orlando

Chico is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Exercise Physiologist, and First Aid and CPR. Chico completed his undergraduate studies at Truman State University earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. While at Truman State, Chico was a scholar athlete and was recognized for being on the Dean’s list. During multiple summers in college, Chico directed strength and conditioning instructions for 15-20 athletes weekly. The summer of 2015 he interned at Fitness Quest 10 with Todd Durkin in San Diego, California.

Chico is responsible for working with athletes daily, aiding them to improve their athletic performance and to reduce injuries in their sport. Chico is also responsible for working with general clientele independently, as well as, small group training, and group fitness classes. He helps to the best of his ability to reach their fitness and health goals.








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If you don’t enjoy working out in groups or you prefer a more personal workout experience, we offer 1 on 1 sessions where one of our experienced trainers will help you achieve your goals. Call us at 314-939-1345 or email us at thegrindadmin@thegrindfs.comto find more information about our 1 on 1 training.

If you enjoy working out with your friends or teammates, then semi-private training is perfect for you! Semi-private training groups consist of you and up to 4 of your friends/teammates. Call us at 314-939-1345 or email us at to find more information about our semi-private training. So get some friends together and come in to see us today!

If you prefer to train on your own or you’re looking for some extra guidance on how to improve your workouts, try our online personal training! We offer a general strength training program for just $25 per month and we also offer a strength, speed, and agility program for just $60 per month. Both programs will require a $10 startup fee and will feature 3-4 different workouts every week! Call us at 314-939-1345 or email us at for more information about out online personal training.

We offer functional sports assessments aimed at improving natural body movements, decreasing occurrences of injuries, and correcting muscular imbalances. All of our athletes undergo functional testing to determine any muscular or postural imbalances that might need to be addressed while working with us. We also test athletes before and after training with us to gauge how much progress they’ve made and what else they still need to work on. Functional assessments are provided at no charge for all current clients of The Grind! Call us at 314-939-1345 or email us at to find more information about our functional sports assessment.

Do you want to further your team’s athletic ability and integrate sport specific movements into your team workouts? Our team training programs provide a structured plan to improve both individual and team performance. We will train with the team 2-3 times each week to increase strength, speed, and agility with a sports specific focus. Bring your team on over to The Grind today and see what we have to offer! Call us at 314-939-1345 or email us at to find more information about our team training.

Our group fitness classes include all ages and skill levels to improve your fitness in a fun and positive environment. We offer several group classes including R.E.M. Burn, Strong to the Core, and Turf Boot Camp! Check out our group fitness schedule to sign up for your free session today!Call us at 314-939-1345 or email us at to find more information about our group fitness class.